How to Send Cheap Text Messages Through Your Computer or websites

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Did you mean “coffee” instead of “covfefe“? We feel your pain. Smartphone keyboards are tricky, making it difficult to tap out long text messages and that’s just one reason you may want to send text messages from your computer instead. There are other benefits in texting by computer, too. It’s a good way to skirt monthly message caps or to zip off texts in situations where you have no data signal on your phone.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish this task, from smartphone apps such as endurancesms or Register) to dedicated Web sites like EnduranceSMS, to Google Voice, or even a menu option right on your phone carrier’s Web site. Some of these methods are pricey or convoluted. The steps below, however, are quick and easy:

log in to https://endurancesms.com/

click on create account HERE

After you must created your account, login with your username and password you created

Click on Click on Account management at the left hand side

click on fund account and follow the instructions to make payment of any amount

After successful payment, go to your dashboard to compose message and send your message.

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